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Circa 1997 Zenith 601 basic kit for sale. Asking $4,900 and located in the Kansas City, Missouri area. A similar 2023 Zenith 650 basic component kit is going for approximately $15,105. Let’s get this kit completed and in the air. 


The outboard wings and empennage have been assembled and the fuselage cleco’ed as well as some of the control surfaces.  Included are the 1997 construction manuals, other documentation, many cleco’s, cleco pliers, rivets, and a manual rivet puller. Inboard wing sections have not been assembled and it appears the pieces and spars are present to complete that step. 


There are many, many small parts and sheets of flat aluminum included and not shown in the pictures. I am in the process of wiping off the accumulated dust and pigeon political comments on some of the parts. No guarantees, but it appears everything is there to complete this 26-year-old basic kit. Not included is the finishing kit, or an engine.


The finishing kit would include a canopy, wiring, landing gear, seat belts, trim and flap actuator, and additional hardware. Updated 601 drawings are available from the manufacturer. I will err on the side of caution and say I don’t think the later recommended spar enhancement is a part of this kit. Contact Zenith Manufacturing for more information at

This kit was from an estate and stored after the original builder passed.  As expected, after being stored for several years there is some scattered oxidation. There is one flat aluminum piece that has one edge very oxidized. I would suggest replacing that piece, and using it as a template for the replacement aluminum. The coiled, and never-installed, metal control cables are rusted but they can be easily replaced. 


The kit is sold as “disassembled parts” with a generic Bill of Sale. The kit does not have an N#. All the parts can be transported in the back of a medium-sized U-haul truck. The kit will be sold in its entirety and not “parted out”.  I’m a retired LEO and can easily spot scammers. Please no low-ball offers. Text Bruce Luedeman at 816-353-6826 with questions or to schedule an inspection. Thanks. 

$4,900 Circa 1997
Zenith 601 basic kit for sale. 

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