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About the Author...

Bruce Luedeman’s professional back ground is in Law Enforcement and Adult Education.  He holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration.  He has found some aspects of his Hostage Negotiation training helpful in untangling some partnership disputes. 

After retirement, he attempted to make a living as a real estate broker.  He spent much of his time training new real estate agents and as a busy volunteer mediator for commission disputes between real estate agents. 

In the 1990’s he returned to his Law Enforcement roots as a LEO trainer and Fire Arms Instructor, teaching both concealed carry classes and Instructor level Fire Arms classes.

Aviation-wise, he holds a private pilot’s license and has previously served as a Colorado and Missouri Civil Air Patrol Mission Pilot, Mission Check Pilot, and Cadet Orientation Pilot.  He also served as a Chaplain and Colorado State Chaplain for the Civil Air Patrol.  He served as the staff chaplain at three National Civil Air Patrol Encampment’s at the Oshkosh Air Venture Fly In. 

He has been active with various chapters of the Experimental Air Craft Association since the early 1980’s and has served as a Chapter President, Program Manager, Treasurer, and at times, the CJP (Chief Janitor Pilot).  He was also a contributing writer to the first EAA Chapter Hand Book.


He has published articles about Air Craft partnerships in EAA’s Sport Aviation magazine and other aviation publications.  He has been a presenter on A/C Partnerships to the AOPA convention and numerous years at the Forum’s tent at the Air Venture Fly In and several other aviation related groups. 

In the 1980’s, Bruce and his Dad worked together to build a Quickie single seat fiberglass home built.  While it was not quick to build, the project eventually flew.  It was decided for safety reasons, after two flights, to donate the A/C to a local Denver transportation museum.  Bruce then purchased a ¼ share in a 1957 Cessna 182.  And, that adventure is where his partnership story starts and resulted in his book: "Keeping the Peace in Partnership: A Guide to Aircraft Co-Ownership". 

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