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In-Person Consulting...

Bruce can consult directly with your partnership group with a maximum of five partners participating. 


This is an all day, 6-8 hour session, depending on questions and complexity.  We will look at partnership compatibility issues, review the proposed partnership model (there are several; some more successful than others). The group that would benefit most is the group that is just forming or some of the partners have never been in a business partnership before. 

Expect Bruce to be politely blunt with the group and individually.  Some people can work well within an A/C partnership and some can’t.  He will give you his honest opinion.  Bruce will also utilize the DISC Personality and Compatibility Profiles by Dr. William Marston (circa 1928).  He has used the Profiles extensively in his Law Enforcement Management classes and Christian Leadership Groups. The profiles are fun, interesting and amazingly accurate.  

Some online work may need to be done before the event.  Please advise if everyone has computer access.  If not, the assessment and survey can be done in class, which may take as long as two hours.   

 $100 nonrefundable materials deposit required for the Performance Profiles.  Balance can be paid at the conclusion of the session, via credit card, check or cash. 

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