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I am selling for a friend who is in his mid 70's. He is the second owner of the A/C. The A/C does have an N# that expired several years ago and still lists the original owner. Hobbs meter reads 494 hours on the wings. A/C is disassembled and sold as parts and salvage. According to the second owner he flew the A/C regularly until Spring of 2021 and utilized an old wooden hanger. 

A high wind event blew through the area, the wind pushed the old sliding hangar door off it's rollers and back on top of the A/C. This pushed the A/C backwards in to the back wall of the hanger wrinkling the empennage, causing a deep bend in the main root tube and crushing the front nose cone. 

The 50 hp, Valley Engineering Generac Engine and Culver 72x50 wooden prop appear undamaged as does the wing structure. 2nd owner says approximately 20 hours on the engine since new. The wing fabric is worn and needs to be replaced. The A/C is on a private strip just north of Kansas City, Missouri.   Asking price $4,500. 

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